Who am I?

My name is Doll Thomas and I was born and raised on the beautiful island of Jamaica.

I officially moved to the states right before high school where I was a minority at the school and city I resided in. There was not much representation of girls and or women that looked like me or wore their natural hair so a majority of us got relaxers and later in life wore weaves.

My natural hair journey didn’t start until my 20s when I noticed a beautiful coil sprouting from my scalp. I got curious, did some research, made some painful decisions, and now my hair has taken a turn for the best. I take great pride in my country because it is a part of my identity and my hair symbolizes my roots so for me to suppress my coils was no longer an option.

I am still on my natural hair journey and I want to continue to build a community around me where others journeys collide. 

What is CoilMeCrazie?

My Five Essentials consists of 5 hair accessories (a wide tooth comb, detangling brush, silk scarf, satin bonnet, and a microfiber towel)  that I use on my wash day and everyday routine to protect and style my natural hair.

The mission of CoilmeCrazie is to provide a safe space for anyone that is or wants to embrace their natural hair journey regardless of hair type, texture, or condition. I want to create a community that appreciates hair from different walks of life.

How did we get started?

At the end of 2019, I was transitioning for the 3rd time from relaxers to natural hair but mostly wore protective styles during the process. One day, while washing my hair, my hair started breaking and coming out.

I got frustrated, picked up a pair of scissors, and cut ALL the relaxed pieces off. Once I was done, I realized that I was unable to put my hair in a ponytail.

I started to panic and called several natural stylists I could find on Google. One finally responded and just so happened to have an opening for the next day. She evenly trimmed my hair and dyed it. A few months later COVID-19 happened and the world shut down…including the hair salons. I sat on YouTube for HOURS and days trying to learn how to do my hair.

As I was learning, I was sharing snippets of my journey on my social media and eventually had some followers reach out for advice and product recommendations. I started getting paid by hair brands to post reels and reviews of their products and that’s when it hit me.

I decided to launch my ‘Five Essentials’.